Monday, June 15, 2015

Appearance of the profile in naukri on employers end

Naukri has sorted well the appearance profiles to the employers.
It is sorted in the below mentioned format.
Basic details
Work experience
Languages known
Affirmative action
Work authorization
Resume of the candidate
First comes, the name on the left side and the profile pic on the left.
Next, the basic details of the employee are shown. It contains,
On the left side: current designation, current company,current location, preferred location, previous designation, previous company, DOB,age, marital status, and key skills
On the right side: total experience, current CTC, education, notice period, contact number, email I'd and address.
Next comes the profile summary, were the candidate can write a few line about his profile.
Next comes the work experience, were the candidate can mention all the companies whichever he or she worked so far with some description about his job, roles and responsibilities along with the duration.
Next the candidate can mention his education details, the candidate can mention his UG and PG degrees here.
As an addition the candidate can mention certification course if he or she has done.
After this the candidate's mentioned language will appear. And affirmative action and work authorization will be appeared.
In affirmative action two options are available, one is category and physically challenged
In work authorization there are options like US work status, job type, employment status.
Finally the uploaded resume of the candidate will be shown. Were we can view the complete profile with projects and everything.
This helps the employer to screen the profile according to the requirement he has.